Monday, March 1, 2010

My Life Makeover

Woo! I am so excited to be starting a blog. I am a 23 year old married-fat-atheist-female-homeowner, looking to make a new start. I'm planning a three front attack on the person I am now:

1 - Lose weight! I weight 240-something lbs. and I am only 5'2". I need to get serious about nutrition and exercise. I plan on learning to cook, as (obviously) subsisting on fast food and cheap snack foods had a big part in getting me in this mess! This will be a long process. My first step will be completely cutting eating out. Learning to cook healthy foods will take longer. I'm going to pull the trusty scale out from the Hall Closet of Doom and weigh myself weekly. I am also thinking about posting monthly progress pictures. I will also start an exercise regimen, starting slowly and hopefully getting more and more intense.

2 - Housekeeping. I've become a slob. First I plan to work through the house cleaning, then establishing a routine to keep it that way. I also want to work on nicely (and inexpensively) decorating our house to make it feel like a real home.

3 - Attitude. I am a notorious cynic, and I'm tired of it. I want to be positive. This is the most important thing on the list, to me. If I have a positive attitude, I will get more done. I know at first I'll have to think about it all the time, but I'm hoping eventually I'll begin to think positively automatically. I have some anxiety issues I need to work through - I don't think I will ever be a social butterfly, but I want to improve my people skills.

Here's hoping this blog will help keep me accountable and document my successes and missteps.